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The Barumi handheld showerhead holder is coated with a chrome polish finish, ensuring a seamless integration into any bathroom décor while keeping it clean and shiny, and preventing rust. The universal design ensures that it fits a wide range of handheld showerheads available today, including the Barumi Livo and Pluo models, making it a versatile choice for all showers. The metal ball joint allows the showerhead to pivot 360°, accommodating users of all heights, while the 360° rotational connector ensures that the handheld showerhead hose moves freely, preventing tangling and breakage. Installation is super easy and requires minimal effort.

Barumi Handheld Shower Holder

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • Chrome Polish Finish

    • Coated with a chrome polish finish to ensure seamless integration to any bathroom décor. Also keeps the holder clean and shiny while preventing rust.

    • Universal Design

    • No need to worry, this holder fits a wide range of handheld showerheads available today.

    • 360° Rotational Connector

    • This feature allows the handheld showerhead hose to move freely, preventing tangling and breakage.

    • Easy Installation

    • This handheld showerhead holder can be installed with minimal effort. Simply remove the fixed showerhead and install!

    • Easy to Install and Use Right Out of the Box

    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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