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Introducing the white Barumi Showerhead Hose, the perfect addition to your child's Livo Kid's Showerhead! Made from flexible PVC, this hose provides easy and comfortable use in the shower. The smooth design of the hose helps prevents dirt build-up, making it effortless to clean and maintain. With a 360° rotational connector, the Barumi Showerhead Hose moves freely, preventing tangling and breakage, even during use! This feature also ensures that the hose can reach all areas of the shower with ease, allowing for a more thorough and enjoyable bath time experience. This hose is incredibly easy to install, simply connect both ends properly to your child's Livo Kid's Showerhead and you're ready to go!

Barumi Shower Hose - White

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • Flexible PVC

    • The Barumi  Showerhead hose is made from flexible PVC, allowing for easy use in the shower.

    • Smooth Design

    • The smooth design of the Barumi Showerhead hose prevents dirt build-up, making it very easy to clean.

    • 360° Rotational Connectors

    • This feature allows the Barumi Showerhead hose to move freely, preventing tangling and breakage.

    • Easy Installation

    • This hose can be installed with ease, simply connect both ends properly to the Livo Kids' Showerhead.

    • Easy to Install and Use Right Out of the Box

    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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