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  • What exactly is a Barumi bidet and how does it work?
    A Barumi bidet is used to clean your bottom area (back and/or front) with clean water after taking care of business in the bathroom. Although there are different types of bidets, a Barumi bidet is the actual toilet seat that replaces your current toilet seat. Water is gently sprayed from nozzles on a stainless-steel wand to clean your back and/or front areas, without the need for soap. Just clean, fresh water for refreshing comfort and great personal hygiene. Article: What is a Bidet? What is a Bidet Toilet Seat?
  • How effective is a Barumi bidet?
    A Barumi bidet can rinse and clean the waste from your bottom area (back and/or front) with a gentle, spray of water. It is much more sanitary than wiping (and possible smearing) the waste with toilet paper and does not require your hands to clean. A Barumi bidet is a great way to stay clean and fresh after your bathroom visit.
  • Are Barumi bidets sanitary?
    Cleaning yourself with a Barumi bidet is much more sanitary than using toilet paper. Toilet paper cannot remove the waste completely, as residue is left behind after wiping. On the other hand, a Barumi bidet can remove all the waste with a clean, temperature and pressure controlled stream of water for the back and/or front. In addition, the self-cleaning spray wand can be sanitized with the push of a button. When it's time to clean the toilet, the Barumi bidet toilet seat can be detached easily with your hand (tools not required). Article: Are Bidets Sanitary
  • Are there any health benefits from using a Barumi bidet?
    Because bidets clean your bottom areas with fresh clean water instead of rough toilet paper, maintaining good personal hygiene is much easier to do. Although a bidet isn’t designed to diagnose or cure any diseases, it can remove bacteria and ensure it doesn’t spread to other areas. It’s almost like cleaning your bottom area in the shower, without having to actually take a shower. Bidets can also provide relief for individuals who suffer from hemorrhoids or yeast infections, which are common problems.
  • Do I need to use toilet paper if I own a Barumi bidet?
    You do not need toilet paper if you decide to use the dryer after cleaning. For individuals who prefer not to use the dryer to dry, a quick dab with a little bit of toilet paper is an option.
  • Does the Barumi bidet require an electrician or a plumber for installation? Can I install this myself?
    Barumi bidets can be installed by most people without the need for a licensed electrician or plumber. The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand and execute and do not require any special tools or equipment. A “how to install” video is also available to help with installation.
  • Do Barumi bidets require electricity?
    All Barumi bidets require a standard 115V GFCI outlet for operation. Please make sure your outlet is a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet, which has a “test” or “reset” button.
  • What is the difference between a round and an elongated toilet bowl?
    The visual difference between the 2 is noticeable because the elongated version is about 2” longer than the round version. To be technical, for a round bowl, the distance from the 2 mounting bolts (of the seat hinges) to the very front of the toilet bowl is about 16 ½”. For an elongated bowl, the distance is about 2” longer, which is about 18.5”.
  • Is the water spray from the wand adjustable?
    Yes, the water that sprays out of the dual nozzles of the stainless-steel wand can be adjusted – temperature, pressure, and position. The water temperature and pressure can be adjusted to suit your comfort level while the position of the wand can be moved to clean more efficiently.
  • Why does the spray wand have 3 nozzles?
    The 3 nozzles are for both rear and front cleaning and for the pulsating and massaging feature.
  • Do I flush the toilet normally with a Barumi bidet installed?
    Yes, the toilet is flushed with the lever, just as you would without a Barumi bidet installed.
  • Cold toilet seats are very uncomfortable. Can you adjust the seat temperature of a Barumi bidet?
    Yes, there are 5 levels to adjust the temperature of the bidet seat.
  • How long should I clean with my Barumi bidet?
    Although this depends on the individual’s preference, the average user will use it for 15-25 seconds for proper cleaning and satisfaction.
  • When using my Barumi bidet, where does the water come from?"
    Fresh water is fed into the bidet (spray wand) from your connected water source and does NOT come from the tank. The water in your tank is used to flush the toilet, just as usual.
  • Can I use a Barumi bidet with a seat riser?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible due to sensors that are located on the bidet seat. Placing anything on top of the bidet seat will not allow the bidet to function properly. Other than your bottom, nothing should be placed there.
  • I want to clean my toilet – how do I do this with an installed bidet?
    All Barumi bidets have an “easy to remove” feature that allows the user to simply detach the Barumi bidet toilet seat from the toilet. Once the whole bidet attachment is removed, you can completely clean your toilet seat. For many, having this feature on the Barumi bidet will actually allow for a more thorough cleaning because most people do not remove their lid and seat when routinely cleaning their toilet.
  • How do I dry myself after I’m finished using my Barumi bidet?
    Barumi bidets (most models) are equipped with an air dryer that can be temperature adjusted to fit one’s comfort level. If using the dryer is not desired, a simple pat with some toilet paper will do the trick.
  • I notice the spray wand oscillating back and forth. Will it ever touch me during use?
    No, the spray wand is designed to effectively spray water in the back and/or front areas without touching your body.
  • I have family members who are very immobile and have a hard time moving around. Will a Barumi bidet help?
    Yes, the simple fact that they won’t have to reach down or behind to wipe with toilet paper will be a huge benefit and allow them to stay clean and fresh after using the bathroom.
  • I don’t have a GFCI outlet in my bathroom. Can I use an extension cord?
    Yes, an extension cord can be used under certain conditions. Although we recommend plugging your Barumi bidet into a GFCI outlet that’s situated next to the toilet, we understand not all bathrooms have one. In this case, a properly gauged extension cord (with a ground plug) must be plugged into a GFCI outlet.
  • Do I need to purchase any special tools, equipment, or parts to install my Barumi bidet?"
    No, all the parts you need come with your Barumi bidet. The only items you’ll need separately are some simple tools. Special plumbing equipment or parts are NOT required for a successful installation.
  • I just received my bidet. How do I register my product?
    Thank you for purchasing a Barumi bidet! To register your product for faster warranty claims and Barumi product news, please fill out and submit the online form here.
  • I want to return my product for a refund, what do I need to do?"
    You can return your product back to us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. For details and instructions, please go here.
  • How do you ship your products to customers?
    We use UPS or FedEx to deliver our products to customers. We can also will call products at our Denton, TX warehouse, located at 1500 N. Western Ave. Suite 280, Denton, TX 76207. Please allow one business day for will calls.
Barumi Electric Bidet FAQs
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