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About Barumi Electric Bidet

Welcome to Barumi, a company dedicated to providing high-quality home products that improve our customers' lives and leave a small environmental footprint. Our passion for taking care of the mind and body is reflected in our belief that technology can be a powerful tool in helping people live better lives. Our products are designed to bring comfort, convenience, and cleanliness to our customers' homes, making every day a little bit better. We understand that taking care of oneself is essential, and our products aim to make that process easier and more enjoyable.


Our range of electric bidet toilet seats offers a luxurious and hygienic bathroom experience. With features such as temperature control, adjustable water pressure, and air-drying functions, our bidet toilet seats provide a personalized and comfortable experience. Plus, with the added bonus of reducing toilet paper usage, our bidet seats are also eco-friendly.


In addition to our bidet toilet seats, we also offer various handheld showerheads for the whole family, including a fun sea creature themed style for the kids! Our showerheads come with various types of filters, ranging from sediment to Vitamin C, catering to the unique needs of the family. Whether you simply need to replace your old, fixed showerhead or want to turn your child's bath time into fun time, our handheld showerheads offer something for everyone.


At Barumi, we are committed to creating innovative products with the latest technologies. We believe in continuous improvement and will continue to expand our product line to better serve our customers. Our goal is to provide exceptional home products that improve our customers' lives while leaving a small environmental impact and footprint.


Thank you for choosing Barumi. We hope that our products bring comfort, convenience, and cleanliness to your home, and contribute to a better lifestyle for you and your family.

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