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Feel clean and stay fresh all day and every day with the Barumi EF-BM-6000 electric bidet toilet seat for elongated toilet seats. This electric bidet is packed with features that will provide you with a new and safe bathroom going experience, even when it’s dark! Temperature and pressure-controlled water is sprayed from a tri-nozzle, stainless-steel spray wand and it also has an adjustable warm air dryer, eliminating the need for rolls and rolls of toilet paper. This bidet also comes with a remote control (batteries included), temperature adjustable seat, for tackling those cold winter days and nights. When it comes to hygiene, this bidet does not disappoint. The self-cleaning stainless-steel spray wand is much more hygienic than plastic and the whole bidet seat can be removed with a simple push of a button. Remember the days when you had to unscrew the bolts and nuts of the toilet seat to clean your toilet? With the Barumi EF-BM-6000 electric bidet, cleaning your toilet has never been easier.


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Electric Bidet Toilet Seat EF-BM-6000 Elongated

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • 3 Adjustable Levels of:

    • Water Pressure & Temperature
    • Heated Seat Temperature
    • Warm Air Dryer Strength/Temperature

    • Soft Close Lid & Seat for Noise-Free Use

    • Night Light for Use in the Dark

    • Self-Cleaning Spray Nozzle for Worry Free Hygiene

    • Front Wash and Rear Wash

    • Tri-Nozzle Anti-Microbial Stainless Steel Spray Wand

    • Easy to Install and Use Right Out of the Box

    • Single Button Quick Removal for Easy Maintenance

    • Child Mode & Eco Mode Available

    • Remote Control (Batteries Included)

    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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