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Parents, are you looking for a way to turn bath time into a fun and educational experience for your little ones? Look no further than Livo Handheld Showerheads! Our sea-creature themed showerheads are specifically designed with your child's well-being and enjoyment in mind. Equipped with a sediment filter to eliminate rust and fine and an optional Vitamin C filter to promote healthy hair and skin, your child can enjoy a safe and luxurious shower experience. Additionally, the Vitamin C filter emits a gentle and soothing fragrance for a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. There’s no better time for a fun and thrilling bath time with Livo Handheld Showerheads for Kids!

Barumi Livo Showerhead Octopus Pink

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • Removes Rust and Particles

    • The tap water in your child's shower may contain rust and small impurities. The Barumi Livo Showerhead for Kids' sediment filter is the answer to this issue, with a microfiber tissue that removes rust and fine particles for clean and filtered water during your child's showers.

    • Chlorine Removal

    • Excessive chlorine in tap water can be harmful during your child's showers. The Barumi Livo Showerhead for Kids features a Vitamin C filter that removes dangerous chlorine from hard tap water, promoting shiny and healthy hair and skin for your child.

    • Gentle Jet-Propelled Spray

    • Despite the high-powered water stream from its spray plate, the Barumi Livo Showerhead for Kids is gentle and never harsh or unpleasant. Its laser-cut holes ensure a soft touch to the water stream, ensuring your child's safety.

    • Safe BPA-Free Plastic

    • The safety of the materials used in our products is a top priority, especially for children's products. The Barumi Livo Showerheads for Kids are constructed from BPA-free ABS plastic, ensuring children can enjoy showers without any worries about harmful BPA toxins and giving parents peace of mind.

    • Easy to Use Right Out of the Box

    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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