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9 Common Myths About Bidets

At Barumi, we are constantly asked questions about bidets. These are some of the most common myths we hear every day, and why they are not true.

Myth #1 - Bidets are uncomfortable

Sure, getting used to something new may seem a little weird at first, but after a few uses, you'll never want to go back to wiping with toilet paper again. Anyone who prefers a convenient and sanitary bathroom experience will enjoy the ability to sit on a heated toilet seat, clean with warm water, and then dry yourself with a warm air-dryer. It's virtually a hands-free shower for your butt!

Myth #2 - Bidets are just for women

This is perhaps the most widely held misconception about bidets, and it's also the simplest to disprove. Most current bidet seats include a front wash option, allowing women to clean themselves without the risk of UTIs, and a back wash option that everyone can use to clean their behind.

Arguably, bidets are better for men than women. Think about it- men are much more likely to have loads of hair down there making it harder to wipe cleanly. A bidet thoroughly washes all fecal matter away to leave you smelling fresh and clean.

Myth #3 - Bidets are hard to install

With all the features and gadgets that bidets have, it's common for people to think they are difficult to install, but this just isn't true.

Bidet seats come pre-assembled and install within minutes just like any other toilet seat. All you need is a screwdriver to tighten the mounting plate onto the bowl and just slide the seat onto it. No electrician needed!

Myth #4 - Bidets are expensive

Bidets have been around for ages, and although they have come with a high price tag, nowadays they aren't as pricey as most people think. Sure, if you want an all-in-one bidet toilet, you could be looking at spending $1000 or more. However, if you don't mind cold water and don't need any features, bidet attachments can cost as little as $100. Want all the features without breaking your budget? A bidet toilet seat is the perfect choice. For little more than the cost of an attachment, you get warm water, air drying, heated seats and a lot more. Prices start at around $250, which may seem like a lot but once you factor in the cost savings of less water and toilet paper usage, you’ll realize it’s the best thing for your pocketbook.

Myth #5 -You can't use toilet paper with a bidet

This is probably the most frequent misconception about bidets. The fact is that you may utilize both simultaneously if you wish; however, cleaning yourself with only dry toilet paper isn't enough of a substitute for water.

A bidet toilet seat can give a perfect clean on its own but, if you wish to use both, a simple pat dry with toilet paper at the end can help to speed the process. However, using a dedicated towel for this purpose is recommended.

Myth #6 - Bidets are bad for people with hemorrhoids

Actually, toilet paper is the real enemy for people suffering from hemorrhoids.

Toilet paper is full of dyes and chemicals that can irritate your skin, not to mention that wiping can cause micro-tears and scratches in the surface of the skin. Using low pressure warm water to clean away fecal matter is a more soothing method of washing that helps with hemorrhoids and is also easier on the skin.

Myth #7 - Bidets aren't eco-friendly

Another common misconception about bidets is that they are not environmentally friendly. The fact is, they can save you hundreds of rolls of toilet paper every year!

The average American uses over 140 rolls of toilet paper every year. Each roll of TP is made with roughly 1.5lbs of wood and 20 gallons of water. Entire forests are decimated for the virgin pulp from trees just to satisfy our craving to wipe. Also, toilet paper and wet wipes wreak havoc on our sewer systems and the environment because they are hard to break down.

Bidets only use 1/8th of a gallon of water per use, which is a lot better for the environment. Every time you wash your butt with a bidet, you can be happy to know that you saved some trees.

Myth #8 - Bidets aren't sanitary

Sanitary, and far more superior than toilet paper, bidets are a must-have for every bathroom in your home. Because they don't wipe and smear around debris, bidets cleanse and rinse away any residual urine or feces with pressurized and temperature controlled water.

Many people think bidets spray dirty water all around. This simply isn’t true. Bidet toilet seats have a self-cleaning spray wan that shoots a targeted stream of water right where you need it where it falls directly into the bowl. Also, the spray wands are retracted and hidden until you are ready to wash.

Myth #9 - You need to spend a lot to add an outlet to your bathroom for a bidet seat

Nope. You don't.

Although having an electrical outlet in your bathroom would be convenient to power the bidet, the fact of the matter is a lot of them aren’t equipped with one. This is where an extension cord comes in, preferably a low profile, thin version. Simply connect your bidet to the extension cord and lay it along the edge of the wall so it’s not too visible.

Should you be lucky enough to ever remodel your bathroom, don’t forget to consider adding an outlet near the toilet so you can use your bidet without an extension cord.


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