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Barumi Electric Bidet, Heated Features: Warm Air Dryer

In this article, I will highlight one of our favorite features of Barumi bidet toilet seats- the warm air dryer. My family and I have been using this function for almost a year now. And I can tell you that it is great for anyone who may have a hard time with the "traditional" way of cleaning your bottom after nature calls – sitting on a toilet and wiping with wad after wad of toilet paper.

The warm air dry function is a great way to get rid of excess moisture after using the toilet and washing with a bidet. It also helps prevent embarrassing odors from forming by removing a lot of bacteria before it has a chance to develop into an odor-causing colony.

After using this ... you will never want to go back to traditional methods again!

Warm air dryer Features and Benefits

  • HANDS FREE - The warm air dryer is a great feature for anyone who wants to get dry without having to use your hands to wipe. A simple push of a button is all you need.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Bidet seats are already more efficient than toilet paper, but with the addition of an air dryer, you can reduce your carbon footprint even further. With less energy being used to manufacture toilet paper and less paper wasted, it’s a win-win situation!

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT - Warm air dryers are designed with different levels of heat that can be adjusted for maximum comfort and efficiency. You won’t have to worry about burning yourself or feeling too cold during those cold winter days and nights.

Barumi warm air dryer function

The warm air dryers on our Barumi Electric Bidet have significantly greater air volume and pressure than other models on the market.

Our Barumi Electric Bidet has 5 levels of temperature that can be adjusted for maximum comfort and efficiency. There’s a comfortable setting for everyone – simply choose a setting anywhere from room temperature (low) all the way to 131°F (high). Sometimes, you just need that extra amount of heat on your tushy.

And the best part? It is very easy to use. Simply press a button on the side control panel to activate or deactivate the air dryer. No need to turn any knobs!


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