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Keeping Your Barumi Bidet in Tip Top Condition: A Guide to Routine Maintenance

Just like your car or computer, your Barumi bidet requires regular maintenance to function at its best. While the thought of cleaning might not appeal to everyone, maintenance is a broader, more essential aspect of caring for any mechanical product. This includes your bidet, ensuring it operates efficiently and lasts longer. Here’s how you can maintain your bidet, with cleaning being just one part of the comprehensive care routine.

Regular Maintenance Steps

harsh chemicals not allowed on bidet

Exterior and Main Body Care

Begin with the exterior and main body of the bidet. Use a neutral cleaning agent that is non-corrosive to avoid any damage. Products containing chlorine or harsh chemicals should be avoided to preserve the integrity of the bidet's surface. A gentle wipe down is all it takes to keep the exterior looking fresh and clean.

Nozzle Maintenance and Hard Water Considerations

cleaning the nozzle with a toothbrush

The nozzle, an integral part of the bidet, requires its own maintenance routine. If you're in an area with hard water, this step is crucial. Hard water can lead to mineral buildup, which can affect the nozzle's performance. A soft sponge or toothbrush, lightly dipped in dishwasher soap or a mild cleaning solution, is perfect for this task. For those dealing with hard water, incorporating a descaling solution into your maintenance routine can tackle any mineral buildup and keep the nozzle functioning smoothly. Gently cleaning the nozzle helps ensure it remains hygienic and fully functional.

cleaning underneath the bidet and the mounting area on the toilet

Cleaning Underneath the Bidet and Toilet Mounting Bracket Area

Cleaning underneath the bidet is crucial for two main reasons. First, it allows you to effectively clean the bottom of the bidet itself, which can accumulate dirt over time if neglected. Just like the exterior, this area must be cleaned with non-corrosive agents, as it is part of the overall plastic body of the bidet. Second, this step provides access to clean the corresponding area of the toilet, which can also become very dirty, especially if left unattended over time. Removing the bidet seat using the quick-release button grants easy access to these areas, ensuring they can be cleaned thoroughly to maintain hygiene and functionality.

Eco Mode and Long-term Absence

removing the bidet and opening the cock drain

If you're planning to be away and won't use the bidet for an extended period, activating the eco mode is a smart step. This reduces energy consumption and ensures your bidet is ready for use upon your return.

Before activating the eco mode, especially for long absences, it's important to drain the hot water tank. Remove the bidet seat and turn it upside down to access the drain cock. Opening it allows all the hot water to drain out. Once emptied, close the drain cock, reattach the bidet, and then activate eco mode. This procedure prevents stagnation and maintains the bidet's internal mechanisms.

Frequency of Maintenance for Your Barumi Bidet

It's important to clarify that maintaining your Barumi bidet doesn't mean it needs to be cleaned or sanitized daily or even weekly. The aim is to keep it in optimal condition without making the process feel like a burden. Regular checks and a comprehensive maintenance routine should be based on the bidet's frequency of use and when it's visibly dirty. This approach ensures that the bidet remains clean and hygienic without overburdening you with chores. Just like any well-loved gadget or vehicle, a bit of care at the right times can go a long way. This blog isn't about adding another tedious task to your list; it's about simple, effective maintenance to enhance your bidet's performance and longevity.


Think of your bidet maintenance as akin to looking after a cherished car or ensuring your computer runs without a hitch. Regular maintenance, including basic cleaning and specific care routines, not only prolongs the life of your bidet but also enhances its performance, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic experience every time. Embrace the simplicity of maintenance, and your bidet will continue to provide comfort and cleanliness for years to come.


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