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Round vs Elongated Bidet Toilet Seats

Updated: Apr 28

If you are looking for the perfect bidet seat for your home, a commonly overlooked step is taking into consideration the type of your toilet seat. Most bidet seats are available in both the elongated and round size, and it’s important the correct one is used.

In this article we will show you the differences between the elongated bidet toilet seat and the round bidet toilet seat.

If you are wondering which type is the right one for you, keep the following in mind:

Round Bidet Toilet Seat

The round bidet seat is exactly what it implies - it’s round and it fits on round toilets. Round toilets are also somewhat smaller in size vs. their elongated cousin and are typically used in smaller bathrooms, or ½ bathrooms as they’re sometimes called. Because they do not protrude out as much as elongated versions, their perfect for small spaces. It can be the difference between your bathroom door closing properly or getting caught at the tip of the toilet.

To properly fit a Barumi round electric bidet onto your toilet, the distance from the center of the fixing holes to the front of the toilet bowl must be anywhere from 17.3” – 17.9”. Although the electric bidet will still function properly, any length shorter or longer than this measurement will not result in a perfect installation.

Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

The elongated bidet seat is also exactly what the name implies. This type of bidet seat sits on top of an elongated toilet bowl and is what most people have in their homes. Because elongated toilet bowls are longer and have a larger hole, it is the preferred choice for most bathrooms. Unless there is a space restriction or the toilet is intended for small children, an elongated toilet seat is the best option.