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Barumi Electric Bidet, Heated Features: Warm Water

A question that Barumi gets asked quite often about our bidet toilet seats is, “Does it generate warm water, or will it require a hot water source?” The answer to this question is obviously the former. Barumi electrical bidet seats have an internal heater that heats the incoming cold water into an internal tank that lasts about 2 minutes of uninterrupted flow. If the warm water in the tank is depleted, the bidet will automatically heat up a new tank of cold water. This means, only a cold water source is required for the bidet, eliminating the need for a separate hot water source.

When it comes to the overall benefits of using a Barumi electric bidet toilet, having warm water is probably at the top of the list. Washing yourself with cold water defies the meaning of comfort and is something usually reserved for manual, non-electric bidet seats. Although it might seem like an obvious feature all electric bidets should have, many people aren’t aware of this fact, which can deter them from purchasing an electric bidet in the first place.

On the medical side, a gentle stream of warm water is recommended when dealing with hemorrhoids or any other issues down below. It’s almost never a better idea to use cold water over warm water when you need to soothe an injury or discomfort. As humans, we have been associating warmth with comfort ever since we were conceived and born into this world.

Warm Water Features and Benefits

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT - Warm water is much more comfortable than cold water, especially when it’s used in the bathroom. Whether it’s just for cleaning or tending to an injury, warm water is the way to go.

  • MORE EFFICIENT – Cleaning something with warm water works better than using cold water.

  • HELPS YOU RELAX – When you have hemorrhoids or a medical condition down below, a warm gentle stream of water will help soothe the pain and discomfort better than cold water.

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