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Bidets for Pregnancy and Postpartum

When giving birth, there are a lot of emotions and physical changes that a woman will go through. While having to deal with sudden increases in hormones as well as immense pain and discomfort, being concerned about cleanliness “down there” shouldn’t be top priority.

Frustrated pregnant woman sitting on toilet

Little do many moms-to-be know, the answer to their pregnancy prayers can be found in bidets. A bidet can help to take the edge off and offer soothing relief. It can also offer an opportunity to help the woman get back into her pre-baby state of mind.

Bidet benefits for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when comfort should be your top priority. While the discomfort is to be expected, there are times when it can be downright inconvenient. A bidet can help to alleviate some of the discomforts and make pregnancy just a bit easier.

Dealing with hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Pregnant woman with hemorrhoids in pain

Constipation and hemorrhoids are unpleasant, but common consequences of carrying around a baby for long periods of time. And there won't be much that can be done about it for nine long months. However, there are ways to minimize these medical conditions.

Wiping “down there” with dry toilet paper can be irritating and even painful at times. Additionally, trying to wipe with hemorrhoids in the way means some debris could be left behind, which can lead to an infection.

That’s where a bidet comes in. A bidet toilet seat sprays a soothing shower of water over the lower area without having to touch it. No wiping means less irritation and discomfort and can also help prevent attracting hemorrhoids in the first place.

Cleanliness without the stretch

When it comes to pregnancy inconveniences, the belly is the star of the show. Simple tasks that are taken for granted, like putting shoes on, become next to impossible.

But just as slip-on shoes make that task manageable, using a bidet toilet seat can provide a comfortable wash with minimal effort. As long as the controller is reachable, there’s access to a front wash, posterior wash, and warm air dry – all completely hands-free! No more bending and twisting to get around that bump!

Bidets for Postpartum

Pregnant woman with toilet paper in hand

After the baby's birth, dealing with postpartum bleeding and discharge can be very difficult and inconvenient. Despite best efforts, toilet paper won’t get the job done, and can get fairly gross to handle. And for cases of episiotomy or major vaginal tears, it is impossible to clean effectively while navigating around stitches.

The bidet, however, offers a better solution. The warm water spray and the gentle pressure of the aerated water mean that stubborn blood and discharge can be washed away effectively. Additionally, the soothing spray can help with healing and prevent infections from taking hold.

Pregnancy Risks Associated with Bidet Use

A very common assumption is that frequent bidet use can alter the microflora around the area causing infection and premature birth. However, a study by the Keio School of Medicine in Tokyo concluded that preterm birth and bacterial vaginosis occurred at the same rate between bidet users and non-bidet users.

Pregnant women can be firmly confident that cleaning with a bidet after using the toilet will not upset their vaginal bacteria balance or raise the chance of their baby being born early.


Pregnant woman next to bidet toilet seat

Ladies, let's be honest-

You deserve something safe and effective.

As an economical way to get pregnant-friendly comfort, the bidet toilet seat is an investment you won't regret. The soothing spray of your own private bathroom waterfall can take the edge off so that you have more energy for everything else you have to worry about during pregnancy or postpartum care.


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