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Can Children Use Bidets?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Barumi Bidet Control Panel Child Mode

Bidets can be used by anybody, but what about our little minions?

Surprisingly, bidets can be great for children, as well as easy to use. Even better, bidets can help your child learn proper hygiene on his/her own.

But is it right for your child? Read more to find out!

Bidets for Your Children

During the diaper years, baby wipes aren’t always enough to keep diapers clean. One diaper rash, and your baby will tell you just how irritating diapers can be. If you hate cleaning up the mess your child leaves behind, a bidet toilet seat can be a huge relief.

Here's how you can show them how our bidet works - sit them down on the toilet, press the wash function button, and wait as the bidet toilet seat makes short work of that messy chore.

If your child has special needs, it can be extremely helpful, because some may have trouble using toilet paper or wiping themselves properly. A bidet toilet seat will show them how easy it is to clean up after themselves without you needing to double check afterwards.

Of course, if your child is old enough, they can take care of these tasks all on their own. Every setting (adjustable water pressure, temperature, nozzle position, and spray width) is extremely easy to use. They can also dry the clean area with a warm air dryer after they are done.

If you're worried that your child may want to use the bidet as a toy, instead of the booty cleaning robot that it's intended to be- fear not. Bidet toilet seats are equipped with pressure sensors so it can sense when your munchkin’s cheeks are firmly planted on the seat.

Bidets for your child’s sensitive skin

Baby Legs Sensitive Skin

Some people might think that kids are not able to use an electric bidet because they have more sensitive skin.

Certainly, their skin is more sensitive and sometimes the bidet can be very cold for them, however, most electric bidets can regulate the temperature of the water as well as the pressure, so your child’s skin will be well taken care of. There are no excuses to use an electric bidet!

Use the child mode if your bidet has one

Child logo of barumi bidet side control panel

At Barumi, we also think of the youngest of the house! Activating the Child Mode allows the Barumi Electric Bidet to detect a user on the seat & automatically adjusts the settings to deliver a low pressure, warm water wash.

Soo.. Are bidets good for children? The short answer is yes. Well, the long answer is yes too.


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