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Do I Need a New Outlet for my Electric Bidet? Not If You Use an Extension Cord!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

electric bidet connected to an outlet
electric bidet outlet

The short and simple answer to this commonly asked question is “no”. Although it is recommended to plug your electrical bidet into a GFCI outlet that’s located right next to your toilet, the chances are, your bathroom isn’t equipped with one.

But not to worry. Most electrical bidets can be connected to a GFCI outlet via a properly rated extension cord. Just make sure the rating is sufficient, and it has a ground plug. If you can find an extension cord that is flat and a color that matches (as best as possible) the wall, the installation will look that much better. Just be sure to lay the extension cord along the corner of the wall and floor and snake it around any corners to avoid tripping or getting the cord wet.

a bidet with an extension cord and gfci outlet
Bidet using an extension cord to connect to the outlet

If you’re lucky enough to have a GFCI outlet near the toilet or would like one installed for your bidet, just keep in mind, a licensed and qualified electrician needs to do the installation. Installing a new electrical outlet is dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. The electrician will know what codes and rules he needs to abide by so the installation is safe. Also, don’t forget, the outlet needs to be GFCI rated – this protects the bidet and the user in the case of a power surge or any other power anomaly in the house.

There you have it. Do you need an outlet next to your electrical bidet for it to work? No, a proper extension cord will do the trick. But should you be lucky enough to have one or are planning on one, then good for you!


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