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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: 12 Must-Have Bathroom Essentials

Luxury underfoot

1. Luxury underfoot

A luxury underfoot provides a soft and comfortable surface that enhances your overall bathroom experience, making stepping out of the shower or bath a pleasure rather than a chore.


“Add some simple luxury underfoot with an extra-large bathmat or bath runner that expands across a double vanity,” recommends Oh Happy Home. “No more sharing tiny bathmats or jumping from one bathmat to another.”

2. Toilet paper dispenser 

A toilet paper dispenser provides hygiene and convenience by neatly organizing and dispensing one of the most essential elements of the bathroom, while minimizing waste, and providing seamless access.

“My favorite bathroom accessory is a toilet paper dispenser that is fully covered. It has to be covered from bacteria and steam from the shower,” shares Leticia’s First Class Cleaning Inc.

Toilet paper dispenser

3. Electric bidet

With features like adjustable water temperature and pressure, electric bidets have become increasingly popular and can provide a customized and comfortable experience in your bathroom. 

Barumi Electric Bidet Team states, “Electric bidet toilet seats are the ultimate bathroom upgrade you never knew you needed. With customizable water temperature, pressure, and even a heated seat, it’s like a spa day for your bathroom routine.”


4. Motion sensor-activated light switch 

A motion sensor-activated light automatically turns on the lights when it detects motion and then turns them off when the room is vacant, helping to conserve electricity and reduce energy costs.

“There is nothing more frustrating than fumbling around in the dark for the bathroom light switch in the middle of the night,” says The Honest Maid. “Put these motion-activated light switches in your bathrooms, and as soon as you open the door, there will be light.” 

Motion sensor-activated light switch 

5. Steam showers

Steam showers are a luxurious and rejuvenating addition to any bathroom. They offer a spa-like experience by generating warm, soothing steam that can help relax muscles, improve circulation, and promote a sense of calm and well-being. 


“Our favorite bathroom accessory right now is a steam shower. When most people take on a bathroom project, they want to replicate some version of a spa experience. Steam shower systems are controlled either from a built-in shower touch screen or an app on a phone, and settings like temperature and time can be changed and saved for each person. Media can even be incorporated so an Owner can watch the big game, listen to a podcast, or hear their favorite playlist while relaxing in their shower,” remarks Sneller Custom Homes.

Steam showers

6. LED mirrors with demisters

LED mirrors with demisters are a practical and stylish addition to any bathroom. The integrated demisting feature prevents the mirror from fogging after a hot shower, while the energy-efficient LED lighting provides bright lights while you get ready.


Inyouths shares, “My favorite bathroom accessory is a custom LED mirror with a demister. It’s a truly exceptional addition to any bathroom for several reasons. We believe that this LED mirror enhances both form and function in the bathroom. Its subtle backlight adds a touch of elegance, making daily rituals more comfortable and enjoyable. The mirror’s waterproof and anti-fog features ensure a clear reflection even in the steamiest showers, making it a must-have for both practicality and style.”  

7. Drill-powered scrub brushes

Power up your cleaning routine by attaching scrub brushes to a power drill to provide a high-powered, rotating scrubbing action that effortlessly tackles tough stains, grime, and soap scum on surfaces like tiles, grout, and bathroom fixtures. 


“Drill-powered scrub brushes are essential to maintaining a clean and healthy bathroom,” notes Drillbrush. “These brushes can be inserted into any cordless drill and be used to scrub messes out of bathtubs, shower grout, and sinks more efficiently than scrubbing by hand.” 


8. Loofah soap bar

Loofah soap bars are a versatile and practical addition to any bathroom routine. Combining the exfoliating benefits of natural loofah with cleansing soap, they provide a convenient way to gently scrub away dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and rejuvenated. 


Soapy Mania remarks, “We recommend a loofah soap bar as a ‘must’ bath accessory because it is an all-in-one cleansing tool – as the soap lathers against your body, the natural loofah fibers work their magic, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.”

Loofah soap bar

9. Hand Painted items 

“A hand-painted bathroom accessory is one of my favorite ways to personalize a bathroom. Decorated wastebaskets, soap dispensers and ceramic towel bars add a custom touch on a budget,” says Decorated Bathroom.


10. Mesh body exfoliator 

A mesh body exfoliator is a must-have bathroom accessory for effective and invigorating skin care. Its textured, mesh-like surface gently removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, leaving your skin refreshed, smooth, and ready to absorb moisturizers more effectively. 


“My favorite bathroom accessory is a Mesh Body Exfoliator that has been used in West Africa for bathing for generations. Anyone who likes to be CLEAN and SMOOTH needs it in their life.  Your loofah could never,” raves Caroline-Founder/Smooth Operating Officer of Luv Scrub.


11. Stash box for wipes

A stash box for wipes is a discreet storage solution for keeping wipes readily accessible in the bathroom. Designed to blend seamlessly with your bathroom decor, it ensures that wipes are neatly organized and protected from moisture, preserving their freshness.


“Our favorite bathroom accessory is a stash box for wipes,” states Dude Products. “This keeps your wipes stored right where you need them while out of sight, perfect for storing wet wipes, feminine products, or other bathroom essentials.”


12. Shampoo bar and cedar tray

A Shampoo bar and cedar tray are essential for an eco-friendly and organized bathroom, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional liquid shampoo while adding a touch of natural elegance.


Zero Waste Mvmt shares, “My absolute favorite bathroom duo is our Shampoo bar paired with a cedar tray. The bar offers a sustainable, clutter-free hair care solution, making it a favorite for its eco-friendly benefits. Anyone seeking a functional yet elegant bathroom aesthetic would find this pairing essential. It not only beautifies the shower space but also champions a greener lifestyle. It’s a must-have for those who value sustainability without compromising on style, ensuring a bathroom that shines both in appearance and purpose.”


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